Fundraising and Finance: Understanding the School-Volunteer Relationship

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Volunteer organizations raise money for their schools. That sounds like a simple and praiseworthy relationship . . . but maybe not. Even if a school has a good relationship with its fundraisers, the split of roles and responsibilities between the school and its fundraising organizations is usually less than ideal.

Parents Steals Thousands of Dollars from School Booster Clubs

The Today Show

An NBC News investigation found dozens of cases nationwide where parents involved in booster clubs were stealing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from the students.

The Embezzler Next Door: Preventing Theft in School Support Organizations

Parent Booster USA

Sandra recently had dinner with Amy to learn more about the theft at her daughter’s high school. Press reports indicated that at least $14,000 was stolen from the school spirit store over more than a year. The school’s support organizations had weak internal controls; discovery of the theft, Sandra learned, was almost happenstance.

School booster groups seek ways to stop thefts

Orlando Sentinel

By the time the PTSA leadership at David C. Hinson Middle School realized it, tens of thousands of dollars had disappeared from the group's bank accounts. The Daytona Beach association had raised the money through walkathons, doughnut sales, after-school socials and banner sponsorships and intended to spend them on iPads, an athletic track and classroom projects. The treasurer, Diane Holland, admitted "borrowing" money, saying she intended to pay it back when she received her income-tax return, court records show.



It takes 2 to prevent theft!

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