Please refer to your local statutes for the most up-to-date requirements.

Articles of incorporation

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Fee: $22
Processing: 20 business days (estimate)
Signatures: No special requirements at this time

Corporate annual report

Nonprofit corporations are required to file an annual report. Failure to file an annual report will result in being dissolved by the state.
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Form (e-file)
Due: By April 1 of the first odd numbered year ; (then) Biennially, by April 1 of odd numbered years
Fee: $23.00

Charity registration


Income/franchise tax exemption

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Sales tax exemption

Purchases: In general school booster clubs are not exempt from paying sales tax.

Sales: Booster clubs are not required to collect sales tax during fundraiser where you sell products or services.

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Raffle (games of chance)

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Due: Before event
Fee: $30.00