Multi-chapter Organizations

RENOSI is the Leader in Helping National Organizations Set Up and Manage Affiliate Chapters.

Setting up local, regional and state affiliate chapters is an excellent way to grow your national organization. Managing hundreds and even thousands of chapters, however, is time-consuming and difficult.

Group Exemption Holder's Toolkit

Managing a group exemption comes with its own challenges. Our toolkit brings together some of our best resources for maintaining your group exemption.

How do we help?

Enterprise Solution. RENOSI keeps track of your chapters, their current leaders, and their nonprofit status with the IRS and state agencies, notifying you when a chapter is out of compliance and helping to ensure their required 990 tax returns and other documents are timely filed so your chapters don’t get revoked.

IRS Group Exemption Management. RENOSI helps national organizations meet the IRS requirement to “supervise and control” your affiliates. RENOSI has close ties to the IRS and handles adding and deleting members from your group exemption.

myRENOSI dashboard. Allows your affiliates and chapters to update their officers, financial data, and other information online and stores their government paperwork in the cloud with our powerful myRENOSI software.

Grow your chapters. RENOSI helps you grow your organization, managing all the required paperwork to set up new affiliates.

Keep your chapters in check from the national to local levels!

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Our Enterprise Solution

Regulation of nonprofits is getting more complex at both the federal and state levels, but with RENOSI handling the government paperwork, managing nonprofits just got a lot easier. Parent organizations can see the filing and payment status of each of their local units or chapters, as well as officer contact information and more.


RENOSI provides customized solutions for national organizations to start up, monitor and maintain their affiliated chapters, including:

  • IRS group tax-exemption management
  • IRS 990 filing service
  • New affiliate start-up
  • State corporate reports
  • State charity registration
  • State franchise and sales tax exemptions
  • EIN (employer identification number) issues
  • And more….

While many national organizations with local, state, and regional chapters see more than 30% or more of their subordinate organizations revoked every year, less than 1% of RENOSI’s clients and their affiliates are revoked. We keep your nonprofit and its chapters in good standing with the IRS and the state.