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Sign up for a RENOSI package.

Step 2: Get approved

We verify your eligibility and if you are a start-up, we assign the appropriate IRS forms to your regional specialist.

Step 3: We file the paperwork

Complete your profile. Then we file the required state and federal paperwork.


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Form 1023EZ* Included Form 1023EZ $995 Form 1023EZ
EIN (Federal Tax ID) Included EIN (Federal Tax ID) $50-$100 EIN (Federal Tax ID)
Incorporation* Included Incorporation* $99-$359 Incorporation*
Sales Tax Exemption Included Sales Tax Exemption $150-$325 Sales Tax Exemption
IRS Form 990N Included IRS Form 990N $667+ IRS Form 990N
State Registrations* Included State Registrations* $150-$325 State Registrations*
myRENOSI Dashboard Included myRENOSI Dashboard myRENOSI Dashboard
Helpful Resources Included Helpful Resources Helpful Resources
Phone Support 9-5 in ALL time zones Included Phone Support 9-5 in ALL time zones Phone Support 9-5 in ALL time zones
Total* $995 Total* $2000-$4000 Total*
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+$1000 for full 1023 or 1024, if required
+$595 for 990EZ or +995 for full 990, if required
Compared to pricing from Legal Zoom, lawyers, and accountants.
* Federal and state-levied filing fees not included.