Grant Writing Tips

Applying for grants can be daunting and time consuming. Luckily, most grants require the same basic information. If you gather the following information ahead of time, it should allow you to optimize your time searching and applying for donations. (Note: Review the eligibility criteria carefully before applying for a grant. Some donors will only consider organizations that support animals, alleviate hunger, etc.)

The Basics

  • Establish the need for your program:
    Has the school budget been cut? Will the sports team/band/chorus, etc., not be able to participate without help from your parent organization?
  • Explain what specifically you will use funds for, and how this will solve the problem:
    “With this donation of $1000, we will help purchase much needed uniforms for the ABC High School athletic program.”
  • Create a budget for the project/program to show exactly what the funds will be allocated to:
    Did the whole donation go towards one thing? Was a portion of the donation needed for administrative expenses?
  • Determine how you will evaluate the success of the program:
    What will indicate that you were successful?
  • Describe how the project/program will continue once the funds from the grant have been used:
    Will you be receiving other sources of income? (i.e. membership dues, personal donations, sales from items)

GetEdFunding is a great tool which provides resources for applying for grants and donations. You can also find additional information in the Search for Grants/Funders section of our website.

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