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RENOSI™ Services Agreement

By completing and submitting the RENOSI™ services application you acknowledge on behalf of your organization that the organization agrees to the following terms:

  1. Federal and state filing fees are not included in any service agreement. A separate invoice will be generated as needed for the amount required for federal and state filings.
  2. All service agreements are valid for one year from the date of application. To continue receiving RENOSI™ services, Clients are required to renew their services agreement on or before the expiration of their current agreement.
  3. You understand that to maintain legal status with your state, your organization must file annual state documents which may include, but is not limited to, an annual report, charity registration, and sales tax exemption registration, if applicable.
  4. You understand that your organization must annually file an IRS 990-series tax return, using the organization’s assigned federal tax identification number (EIN), by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of the organization's fiscal year (i.e. if your fiscal year closes June 30th, Form 990 must be filed by November 15th each year). The specific 990-series form to be filed is determined by your gross receipts.
  5. Any state or federal late fees assessed to the client’s account as a result of the client’s actions or inactions will be the sole responsibility of the client. RENOSI™ will invoice the client for the late fee(s) and payment must be received before the late filings are submitted on behalf the client.
  6. You understand and agree that your organization is an independent legal entity and that no relationship is created by the services with or the services performed by RENOSI™. You understand and agree that each party, RENOSI, Inc. and your organization, are solely liable for its own operations and activities and any liability or claims that may arise from their separate operations, activities, acts, actions or failure to act. Each party, RENOSI, Inc. and your organization, shall only be liable to the other party only to the extent that a court of competent jurisdiction finds that a claim or liability arose directly from the gross negligence of the other party. Both RENOSI, Inc. and your organization agree that any action under this Agreement shall be brought exclusively pursuant to the laws, and in the state, of Florida.
  7. You understand that should you decide to cancel your RENOSI™ services before the expiration of your services agreement, you are subject to the following cancellation policy:
    1. If you cancel within 30 days of subscribing to RENOSI™ services and no services have begun on your account, you will receive a full refund.
    2. If you cancel within 30 days of subscribing to RENOSI™ services and work has begun on your account, a $100 service fee will be assessed.
    3. If you cancel within 31-90 days of subscribing to RENOSI™ services, a charge equal to 50% of the services contracted for will be assessed no matter what amount of work has been completed on your account.
    4. Under no circumstances will any refund be given after 90 days of subscribing to RENOSI™ services.
  8. You agree to abide by the terms, conditions and policies for services in RENOSI™, as now existing or later amended. The terms, conditions, and pricing are subject to change. Since all states have different filing requirements and associated costs, RENOSI™ reserves the right to amend pricing based on individual client circumstances.

Booster Club Fundraiser Ideas That Work

Sandra Pfau Englund

Jan 08, 2020

Raising money for the students at your school is always important. Government tax funding usually doesn’t cover all the costs of a great education system. So, it's essential for parents, administrators, and teachers to all pitch in on fundraising. One of the best, and structured, ways to raise money is by creating a booster club. All you have to do is incorporate, obtain your tax exemption, get an EIN, and register with your state. A booster club then allows your group to raise funds for your school with all the benefits of making charitable donations for donors. The primary goal of a booster club is to raise support for the school, including extra funding, so let's take a look at the top booster club fundraiser ideas.

Community Fundraising Ideas for Booster Clubs
1. Membership fees must comply with law

One of the top booster club fundraiser ideas is to accept membership fees. However, it's important to note that while you may charge membership fees, it is vital to understand the laws regulating that revenue. Thus, for more information to ensure you comply with all laws, take a look at experts in the field, such as Parent Booster USA.

2. 5K Fun Runs bring together your community

Do you want to get everyone in your community involved in one of your fundraising ideas for booster clubs? Well, a 5K walk/run might be the right fundraiser for you. Recruit a team of volunteers who will help you plan this kind of fundraiser. Then, charge all participants for walking/running the race. You'll need to get the necessary permits for the route, but a 5K fun run is great because it involves your entire town. So, take a look at these tips for planning your fun run for great success.

Digital Fundraising Ideas for Booster Clubs
3. Charity auctions with or without an event

Have you ever considered an online charity auction? It's one of the best booster club fundraiser ideas, done conveniently online. Sure, you can combine an online auction with a fundraising event (e.g., sporting match, dinner, etc.), but it's also a great stand-alone fundraiser. So, all you have to do is get a charity auction platform, auction items, and then promote away. Remember, travel, spa, and sports items do very well in this fundraiser. Check out these dos and don'ts for an auction.

4. Email flash fundraiser for one day only

Yes, email still works. In fact, one-third of online fundraising comes through email. For a flash fundraiser, pick a day where you're going to blitz your donor base through email. For success, you'll want to ensure you have a compelling story and a sense of urgency for the funds. And don't forget to include videos and photos for your flash fundraiser. Also, remember that while you will get responses to this fundraising idea through email, you will want to also share across social media. Set a financial goal and tell everyone that you need the funds by the close of the day. 

Sports events for booster fundraiser ideas
5. Championship event fundraiser for your booster club

Playing sports is a big part of school life, and it can serve as the center for fundraising events. As a result, one of the most fun (and competitive) booster club fundraising ideas is a fundraiser tied to a championship. Perhaps your students have made the cut at the national level, state, or local levels. Or, maybe it's the last game at your school before vacation. Whatever the reason, select a game that is special and then raise money around it. Ask all parents to get involved and promote your event on social media. When people arrive to see the game, you can charge an admission fee for entrance to this special game.

6. Raise money with a pitch-a-thon

Everyone likes a little bit of competition. Therefore, with that in mind, one of our other excellent booster club fundraising ideas is a pitch-a-thon. It's easy to get one together during any time of year. Before any sporting event at your school, get the crowd motivated by inviting anyone to throw the fastest baseball pitch. But, you're not limited to baseball. See who can kick a soccer ball the farthest or throw a football. You can plan it yourself, or work with a third-party partner to help you prepare it. However, charge participants and attendees to this fun event.  

Creative fundraising with no selling or asking for money
7. Shoe drive fundraiser

Finally, one of the most creative booster club fundraising ideas is a shoe drive fundraiser. You can raise school and team spirit by having different grades and classes compete against each other. All your booster club has to do is collect gently worn, used and new shoes. And, once the event is finished, you get a check. Not only will this fundraiser raise funds for you, but it's a socially responsible fundraiser. Meaning, you support the planet and also micro-entrepreneurs working to help themselves out of poverty.

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